Fully Automated Roller Bottle Processing System for
Vaccine Production, Clean Cell Fermenter Culture,
and Recombinant Protein Production
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What is the RollerCell 40?

 The RollerCell 40 is:

    • A self-contained, automated roller bottle processing system that replaces traditional roller apparatus and performs all the tasks previously undertaken manually or by robotic processors
    • Suitable for ALL current roller bottle applications in research laboratories and large scale manufacturing sites INCLUDING the production of:
      • Human and Animal Vaccines
      • "Clean Cells" for Fermenter Culture
      • Recombinant proteins for therapeutic applications

The RollerCell 40:

    • Automates ALL stages of roller bottle tissue culture:  
      • Cell inoculation
      • Incubation
      • Media changes
      • Trypsinization
    • Improves batch consistency and helps to optimize yields.



Watch the RollerCell 40 Informational Video